Thursday, February 23, 2006

Images of Versailles

This is for Steve Huffines - he just loves leopard rugs so much.........
Versailles lost so many trees in the recent storms - they've replanted the gardens and, owing to the young trees, you can see the Chateau from a great distance as never before. You get a real sense of just how enormous it really is.

This is the rotunda in the stables - which are now the home of the Versailles School of Architecture -where Alan Halvorsen and Vicki Tesmer studied. It seems this is where they store un-used statuary from the chateau and gardens.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Part of the organ tribune at St. Gervais
at St. Severin
l'Eglise des Billettes
Doggie in the Metro

More Views

A view of the Musee d'Art Moderne
The Metro stop by Daniel's house.
Sunday lunch at Cador. J'adore Cador.
In the Metro - Gare de Lyon.
A beautiful view of Samaritaine.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Blvd. Voltaire

David & Francois' new flat - the balcony with all the plants
The view from my bedroom - Bill and Carol Burden stayed in the apartment on the 2nd floor in the middle building 3 years ago.
the glamorous bathroom with the gorgeous teak floors - I'm still dreaming of them

More Random Pictures

Some views of the Musee d'Art Moderne

The facade of St. Paul at night.
Ornamentation in the Salon des Glaces at Chatelet


My opera pal!
Sunday afternoon we saw our third Robert Wilson production - Siegfried. Another spare stage picture with exquisite lighting, stellar singing, and Eschenbach's luxurious Wagner conducting. Mime's hut was suggested by a severe black structure which tillted backwards when Siegfried split the (non-existant) anvil. The forest scene was especially beautiful - long black curving columns which swayed slightly sheltered Fafner - a giant scary skull blasting smoke underneath flashing green eyes.
We had 3 pairs of seats so we changed seats for all 3 three acts - David and I ended up in the second balcony at the far end right above the stage. V. exciting!

A glorious way to end the Paris trip! Afterwards, we met Tony and Francois (IV) for dinner at Cafe Zimmer, then we finished off the last of the Berthillon ice cream.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

On Saturday evening, Pam and Tom Sheffield both celebrated Important Birthdays with a fun bash - the evening began with a reception at a gallery run by friends, then we whizzed across the Blvd. Raspail to la Rotonde for dinner - 20 of us. A v. fun crowd: artists, sculptors, gallery owners, 17th century painting restorers, and a couple of musicians. A five-course yummy dinner was v. festive and the conversation, In French, was FAST!

Around 11:20 the cake appeared, blazing with sparklers, thrust between Pam and Daniel!

One feared that the Sulpician Titulaire was going to go up in a blaze!

A v. amusing part of the evenings was the view between Pam and Daniel - Rodin's large statue of Balzac outside on the Blvd. - a stunning view of dear friends and great art.

The next morning, in spite of the fact that the party went on till all hours, (I folded about 12:40) Pam, Tom and Odile were fresh and lively at the Audition at St. Sulpice!

Rue Mouffetard

One afternoon I took a stroll up one of my favorite streets - the Rue Mouffetard. At the bottom of the hall is the church of St. Medard set in an interesting Place. The street itself is a perfect example of a Parisian street market made charming by its location, architecture and the way it winds up the hill behind the Pantheon. The things you can buy!
Pastries set out like jewels.
Cheeses! Cheeses! Cheeses! The aroma!!!

The seafood!
Coquilles St. Jacques - the real thing.

More Corbusier

Friday, February 17, 2006

Food & Corbusier

Saturday morning - off to the 16th for a quick walk around Auteuil - a stop into Notre Dame d'Auteuil and heard the renovated Cavaille-Coll. Then just a short stroll to Beth and Francois' for lunch with them and their three sons. (Beth sang the Mozart concert.) Escargots, Salmon, cheese, and dessert. Great food, great conversation.

Then a quick climb up the hill to the Villa la Roche, one of the first houses designed by Corbusier, and a pristinely beautiful place. The art gallery is one of the most spiritual places I know.