Saturday, January 28, 2006


"When I think of home,
I think of a place that's warm and inviting..........."

Arrived yesterday and golly it's nice to be back - it's been far too long. It's rather cold here (for Paris) but slightly warmer than Chicago. Spent yesterday afternoon just walking about and soaking up life down to my toes.

David and Francois' flat is beautifully situated - leave it to David to find a spacious flat on all the Metro lines direct to both opera houses! V. convenient to everything and a v. cool neighborhood - v. much on the up and up. Their renovation continues but they now have the most beautiful bathroom and kitchen - teak floor in the bathroom, v. elegant and practical.

Met David for a quick dinner at the Cafe de la Mairie, just next to St. Sulpice before hearing my long-time friend Beth sing a Mozart concert - on his big birthday. She sounds glorious and her coloratura is impeccable - and such an engaging presence - BIG! The orchestra suffered in the generous acoustic - wonderful for the Cavaille-Coll but v. difficult for them.

We're hearing Gotterdamerung this evening at Chatelet - will be fabulous to hear all that sound in the intimate house rather than our big Lyric house. I'm fully expecting a splendidly knock you back in your seat sonic evening!

Tomorrow: lots of organs including a huge Mozart celebration at St. Sulpice then a fast trip up to Compiegne for an Adolphe Adam opera in the beautiful opera house built (but never gilded) by Napolean III.

I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles, I love Paris in the winter when I get to hear 7 operas, hear friends sing, see my buds, eat fabulous food, go to Cacao for 71% chocolate, hear big organs...........


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