Tuesday, February 14, 2006

La Motte Tilly

After the visit to Fontainebleau and a quick lunch at a Tabac, we drove down to La Motte Tilly - a beautiful chateau that had been in the same family for over 200 years. The last owner, the Marquise de Maille, the only surviving member of the family having outlived her parents, her brother and her daughter, left the house to the State with the proviso that no one could live there, the house must be open to visitors, and nothing could be changed. It's a perfect example of how modern people can live in an old house with 18th century furniture and 20th century conveniences. Exquisite!

The gardens were restored at the beginning of the 20th century - this is the view from the center of the house down to the Mirroir d'eau - with the Seine beyond.

The Beautiful stair hall.

The approach to the chateau.

Another view of the parterre.


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