Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This cathedral is just stunning - a mix of styles and periods but has an enormous and charming grandeur. It's also massive - v. tall and sturdy with closely packed arches. There isn't a lot of stained glass so the sunlight pouring in on the sandstone is unlike anything anywhere - the light is a revelation. They get rather sniffy here about Scott's renovations and additions but, you know, it's glorious. Yesterday and today when I left the Choir school to go to the organ I had the cloister all to myself - all the tourists had gone - a profound and moving moment - and thru the Miserimus door into the south aisle and there it all is. At the end of the service today I was the last to leave - I had it all to myself! I walked down this glorious nave with the sunshine pouring in thru the west window - Painfully beautiful! I have to say the organ has been v. good to me - it's taken me all over and given me phenomenal experiences. Humbling and exhilirating.

The Norman crypt

The Chapter House cloister

I sit between these two fellows - Oswald and Wulfstan - the two resident saints - they're on the front of the Bishop's throne right in back of the organ console.


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