Monday, September 24, 2007

Peterborough Cathedral

On Saturday morning, Randy Manges and I drove up to Peterborough to see the fascinating Cathedral - a Norman building, added to in the Gothic style right up through English Perpendicular, later additions to the decor in the 19th C., and following a recent fire a complete restoration of the beautiful painted wooden ceiling.

The Cathedral is often overlooked on the Big Cathedral Tour and shouldn't be - it's quite beautiful, has striking juxtapositions such as Norman arches next to fan vaulting, a gothic porch added to the Norman front, an elaborate 19th altar in the severe Norman choir, and is the burial place of Katherine of Aragon (Henry VIII's first wife - divorced) and the original burial place of Mary Queen of Scots. The central tower has absolutely exquisite painted vaulting.

And, we got to hear the organ - a v. nervous and harried guest organist practicing the weekend's repertoire!


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