Friday, August 17, 2007

the Organ

What a joy! This is one of Henry Willis' most famous instruments - also basically untouched except for some additions by Harrison & Harrison which didn't detract from the Willis work. The Great, Choir and some of the Pedal stops are in the main case, the Swell, Solo and big Pedal stops are in the Triforum. The organ is beautiful in every aspect: a rich, bright, robust sound with some of the most exquisite solo stops I've ever played.

My favorites were the Corno di Basetto on the Choir, the Orchestral Clarinet in the Solo, the Harmonic Flute in the Solo, well, in fact all the flutes, all the 8' foundations, the reeds, the strings - I loved it. It's a very expressive organ, with an incredibly responsive action for an electro-pneumatic instrument. It's capable of extreme delicacy and huge power - with a gratifying crescendo in between.

The sound of that Tutti in the vast acoustic is thrilling!


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