Friday, February 22, 2008

The Legion of Honor Museum

Given by Alma de Brettville Spreckles, this beautiful copy of the Hotel de Salm (Paris - Legion d'Honneur) has an amazing collection of sculpture by Rodin (friend of Mme. S), and a small but choice collection of European art and decorative objects. Pretty squisite here.

The Fantin-Latour painting above is my favorite F-L - small, perfect, moving, and conveys in its simplicity the whole range of human emotion - he was quite a painter! Fell in love with this painting 20 years ago and have carried its image with me since.

The museum sits atop Lincoln Park at the far west end of San Francisco - the views across the ocean to the Golden Gate Bridge and the city are breath-taking.

These are a few of my faaaaav-o-rite thiiiinngs.....

A room from a Parisian town house

a domed wooden ceiling from a 17th C. Spanish castle

Some nice Japanese ebony on a Oeben console

painting by Degas

painting by de la Tour

self-portrait by Tissot

THREE! Fantin-Latours!


More Rodin!


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