Thursday, February 21, 2008

The new De Young Museum

I am so excited about this building! It's phenomenal, it's primal, it's extraordinary, it's an amazing showcase for art, it's beautifully crafted, it's so well-thought, it's powerful, it's moving, it's profoundly spiritual.

Designed by Herzog & De Meuron to replace a boring classical structure, it rises up out of the ground as an organic whole. Clad in perforated copper and finished with beautiful wood and stone, it absolutely takes your breath away. There's nothing else like it.

There are ribbons of windows that keep you connected to the outside and the views of Golden Gate Park, as well as to the interior courtyards and gardens. Most spectacular of all is the tower which torques up out of the museum and contains an observations floor with 360' views of San Francisco.

No picture can do justice to the total of this achievement - I can only show you bits of it - all fantastic.

I had the same emotional response to this building as at the Villa la Roche - very moving.


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