Saturday, February 18, 2006

On Saturday evening, Pam and Tom Sheffield both celebrated Important Birthdays with a fun bash - the evening began with a reception at a gallery run by friends, then we whizzed across the Blvd. Raspail to la Rotonde for dinner - 20 of us. A v. fun crowd: artists, sculptors, gallery owners, 17th century painting restorers, and a couple of musicians. A five-course yummy dinner was v. festive and the conversation, In French, was FAST!

Around 11:20 the cake appeared, blazing with sparklers, thrust between Pam and Daniel!

One feared that the Sulpician Titulaire was going to go up in a blaze!

A v. amusing part of the evenings was the view between Pam and Daniel - Rodin's large statue of Balzac outside on the Blvd. - a stunning view of dear friends and great art.

The next morning, in spite of the fact that the party went on till all hours, (I folded about 12:40) Pam, Tom and Odile were fresh and lively at the Audition at St. Sulpice!


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