Monday, February 20, 2006


My opera pal!
Sunday afternoon we saw our third Robert Wilson production - Siegfried. Another spare stage picture with exquisite lighting, stellar singing, and Eschenbach's luxurious Wagner conducting. Mime's hut was suggested by a severe black structure which tillted backwards when Siegfried split the (non-existant) anvil. The forest scene was especially beautiful - long black curving columns which swayed slightly sheltered Fafner - a giant scary skull blasting smoke underneath flashing green eyes.
We had 3 pairs of seats so we changed seats for all 3 three acts - David and I ended up in the second balcony at the far end right above the stage. V. exciting!

A glorious way to end the Paris trip! Afterwards, we met Tony and Francois (IV) for dinner at Cafe Zimmer, then we finished off the last of the Berthillon ice cream.


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